The Learning Assessment Research Consortium (LARC) is a faculty development initiative that supports the design and implementation of a customizable Learning Assessment Curriculum that will significantly enhance institutional knowledge, communication, application and use of assessment data to impact teaching and learning practices and to promote student learning and success.

We are very happy to announce the recent launch of the ‘Assessment Modules’ website, a portal to a collection of professional development assessment modules  for anyone interested in learning more about assessment. The modules are targeted to various audiences including institutional stakeholders, program directors, faculty, staff, and administrators.

‘Assessment Modules’  is a free, open source online collection of professional development modules for individuals interested in learning a range of topics relevant to high-quality assessment. ‘Assessment Modules’ has been developed by a consortium of institutions and is free.

Visit the Assessment Modules learning portal to enroll today!

Questions can be directed to Chris Cratsley Director of Assessment at Fitchburg State University and Jennifer Herman, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching at Simmons College.

This project is supported by the Davis Educational Foundation.