Intended Audience
This module is a process-oriented guide to writing goals and objectives.  It is intended for:

  1. faculty at all levels engaged in course and program design; and/or
  2. staff and administrators who are creating curriculum, programs, or initiatives.

Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define goal
  • Define objective
  • Differentiate between goals and objectives
  • Articulate the relationship between goals and objectives
  • State the benefits of utilizing goals and objectives to structure a course, program, or institution-level initiative
  • Align goals and objectives at the course, program, and institutional-level
  • Identify the steps needed to draft effective goals and objectives
  • Draft a goal
  • Draft an objective
  • Recognize effective goals and objectives
  • Scale goals and objectives up or down as needed for course or program-level curriculum