Intended Audience
This module is intended for faculty, staff, administrators, or other institutional stakeholders who:

1) are already involved in assessment efforts;
2) are charged with using data to effect change; and/or
3) are charged with training or educating their peers and colleagues about assessment.

Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the micro and macro level purposes of gathering assessment data
  • Describe how assessment data are useful for institutional improvement
  • Recognize best practices for effectively using data to make evidence-based decisions
  • List the range of ways assessment data can be used at various levels of an institution
  • Identify appropriate benchmarks when designing a new initiative
  • Identify appropriate benchmarks when comparing two sets of data
  • Choose effective methods for presenting data to a range of stakeholder audiences
  • Recognize ineffective methods for presenting data
  • Select appropriate methods for “closing the loop” once data gathering and analysis is complete
  • Identify ineffective uses of data
  • Recommend changes, if needed, to improve the use of assessment data at their institution
  • Create a plan that articulates how results from data will be shared